Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim Caught on Kiss Cam on “We Got Married”

Preview stills for the upcoming episode of “We Got Married” show Kim So Eun continuing her job as Song Jae Rim’s manager for a day. The day ends with a sweet date at a basketball game, where Kim So Eun surprises Song Jae Rim with a cheerleading dance routine to a popular girl group song.

In playing the role of Song Jae Rim’s manager, Kim So Eun accompanies her husband to his saxophone lessons. Afterwards, when Song Jae Rim says he is hungry, the two head to a restaurant to eat. At the restaurant, Kim So Eun notices a note in Song Jae Rim’s bag. Though Song Jae Rim desperately tries to hide the note, Kim So Eun ends up with it and can’t contain her laughter as she reads the content. What could the note possibly contain?

Afterwards, the couple attends a basketball game, which is a date that Kim So Eun has always wanted to go on. After the game starts, Kim So Eun excuses herself briefly and Song Jae Rim is left alone. When the cheerleaders enter the court, Song Jae Rim is surprised to see his wife among them. It turns out that Kim So Eun prepared a cheerleading dance as a surprise for Song Jae Rim. Kim So Eun dances to AOA’s “Like a Cat” in front of the crowd gathered at the basketball game.

When the two return to their seats to watch the rest of the basketball game, they get caught on the “kiss cam” and the crowd cheers them on to kiss. Will the two have their first kiss at their basketball game date?

kim so eun song jae rim date

This episode of “We Got Married” will air on February 28.

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