Choi Jin Hyuk to Enter Military on March 31

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk will be leaving for his mandatory military service on March 31.

Choi Jin Hyuk’s agency confirmed the date on February 28, and also revealed, “Choi Jin Hyuk seemed to have thought a lot about his military service. He wanted to go in quietly.”

Earlier, Choi Jin Hyuk had revealed his thoughts on serving the military saying, “If I say that I’m not a bit sad about it, I’d be lying. I’m very sad. I’m also worried that it will be embarrassing, since I’m entering the military quite late because of my work.” He also added, “My comrades will be almost ten years younger than me, and I wonder if I will be able to fit in.”

It was also revealed that he will be declining his acceptance into the Seoul Police Promotions Unit and will be serving as an active duty soldier.

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