Cha Seung Won Worries That

Cha Seung Won left Yoo Hae Jin and Son Ho Joon behind on the island to celebrate his daughter’s birthday.

In order to keep his promise with his daughter, Cha Seung Won leaves the island and the set of tvN‘s “Three Meals a Day” for 20 hours.

After making lunch for the rest of the cast, Cha Seung Won, who has been doing all of the cooking since the beginning of the show, starts making food for the other cast members to eat while he is away.

He also worriedly relays simple recipes to Son Ho Joon, then says, “I’m making a lot of cabbage salad, so eat that if you can’t find anything to eat while I’m gone.”

Even as he leaves, he is looking after the members, saying, “I’ll bring meat. You like stir-fried pork, right? Don’t save up and eat the salad in the meanwhile.”

He yells instructions to the cast members even as he sails out on the boat, inciting laughter and letting the viewers get a glimpse of his genuinely caring personality.

Meanwhile, “Three Meals a Day” is an outdoor variety program where the cast struggle to catch, grow and make meals on a rural island.

cha seung won 3 meals per day

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