Ailee to Host on SNL Korea

Ailee will be hosting the upcoming episode of SNL Korea. She will be working with crew members Shin Dong Yeob, Yoo Sae Yoon, Jung Sung Ho, Kim Joon Hyun, Ahn Young Mi, and more. The episode is expected to bring many laughs to viewers.

The teaser states that we will be able to see a different side to Ailee during the live show. In the “Prima Donna” segment the singer will participate in a singing and dancing battle. The winner of the battle will become the female lead in a musical. Yoo Sae Yoon will act as a musical director and coach to the aspiring musical actresses.

In another corner titled “Dark Knight,” the songstress will transform into a sexy seductress tempting Bruce Wayne who will be played by Shin Dong Yeob.

SNL Korea producers have commented, “Ailee has worked tirelessly in order to have audiences laughing. You can expect not only an amazing performance, but also her acting as a sexy diva and a cute school girl. There is perfect chemistry between her and the SNL crew.”

Her performance will be in the episode being broadcasted on February 28 9:45 p.m.

Check out the preview below!