“Blood” Team Voices Their Concern Regarding Criticisms of Goo Hye Sun’s Acting

The team behind the currently airing KBS drama “Blood” voiced their concern regarding the criticisms of Goo Hye Suns acting for the drama.

The representative from IOK Media, the production company behind the drama, told the press, “We didn’t expect there to be so much controversy over Goo Hye Sun’s acting for the drama.” They continued, “She is simply exaggerating with her lines to fit her character, Yoo Ri Ta.”

They also foreshadowed a change in her character to come in future episodes. “As the show progresses, Yoo Ri Ta’s character will also change. By that point, we are certain that the criticism regarding Goo Hye Sun’s acting will dwindle.”

Many viewers have been criticizing the actress’ acting in the drama’s early episodes.

“Blood”, starring Goo Hye Sun alongside Ahn Jae Hyun, airs every Monday and Tuesday evening on KBS.