Shoo Is So Forgetful; Forgets to Brush the Teeth of the Other Twin

Sometimes, a twin is left out when his or her mom suffers from bad memory.

On the episode of SBS’ “Oh! My Baby” aired on February 28, Shoo is in a frantic hurry looking for her lost phone and keys while getting ready to leave.

When asked if she has memory impairment, Shoo answers, “It’s not memory impairment. I just have a lot of stuff to do and a lot on my mind.”

Her husband Lim Hyo Sung, on the other hand, thinks, “That’s an excuse. Though she says she’s always busy, she just isn’t thinking straight. If she paid more attention, she wouldn’t be so forgetful.”

Sometimes, she brushes the teeth of just one twin. Ra Yool uses a purple toothbrush, while Ra Hee uses a yellow toothbrush. Shoo brushes Ra Yool’s teeth first before making a quick visit to the kitchen. When she comes back, she forgets the fact that she already brushed Ra Yool’s teeth and starts doing it again. Even when Ra Hee throws a fit because she has been forgotten, Shoo does not notice.

Shoo forgetful 2
Ra Hee feeling unclean (left), Minty fresh Ra Yool (right)
Shoo forgetful 3
Ra Hee is confused and upset why Ra Yool’s teeth are getting brushed twice.

When the producers explain the situation to Shoo afterwards, she is greatly surprised. Lim Hyo Sung adds another event to her list of forgetfulness, saying, “I recently came back home late. When I was in the parking lot, I saw my wife’s car door wide open.”

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