Amber Unexpectedly Meets Her Ideal Type on “Real Men”

Girl group f(x)‘s Amber has completely fallen for the ‘Honey Voice’ drill instructor.

On MBC‘s “Real Men,” the female soldiers go into extreme cold PT training. The ‘Honey Voice’ drill instructor is especially tough on them, and the entire group is tired out as they enter into a tough rope course.

However, so much snow starts falling that for the first time, the ‘Honey Voice’ drill instructor takes off his sunglasses, and when he does, Amber completely falls for his surprisingly warm and kind-looking face.

Amber says during the interview afterwards, “The drill instructor’s eyes are so pretty. I like strong guys who look cute when they smile.” She then makes a surprise confession, saying, “The ‘Honey Voice’ drill instructor is actually quite close to my ideal type.”

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