Shoo Herself Has Trouble Telling Her Twins Ra Yool and Ra Hee Apart

Shoo admits that even as their mother she gets her identical twins, Lim Ra Yool and Lim Ra Hee, mixed up.

On the latest episode of “Oh! My Baby,” which aired on February 28, Shoo asks Ra Yool questions like “Where is Ra Hee?” and “Who is Ra Yool?” and is pleased to find that Ra Yool answers the questions correctly.

oh! my baby

However, Shoo is the one who ends up getting confused. Not long after asking Ra Yool the questions, she looks straight at Ra Yool and calls her “Ra Hee,” and Ra Yool just looks back at her blankly.

oh! my baby

In the proceeding interview, Shoo says sheepishly, “We are just a family that confuses everything.”

Indeed, the twins’ carbon copy looks have caused trouble for the “Oh! My Baby” production team as well. The staff have shared that during editing, they often have to personally send screenshots of the twins to Shoo and ask her to distinguish them.

Can you tell Ra Hee and Ra Yool apart?