“Superman Returns” Manse Surprises Cameraman with a Morning Kiss

Superman Returns‘” Song Manse surprised the cameraman on the latest episode with an adorable morning kiss.

On the March 1 broadcast of the popular KBS variety show, the triplets and their dad Song Il Gook started the morning with a round of kisses. Mingook and his dad shared numerous morning kisses as they played.

Manse, who also woke up shortly after, ran out the room to the cameraman in the tent and gave him a surprise kiss, which was caught on camera.

On the latest episode of “Superman Returns,” the triplets attempted their hand at learning taekwondo, while Lee Hwi Jae and the twins went ice fishing. Uhm Tae Woong and his daughter Ji On had Cha Tae Hyun and his daughters Cha Tae Eun and Cha Soo Jin visit them at their house. Chu Sung Hoon and Sarang continued with their winter trip, enjoying a warm onsen.

“Superman Returns” airs on KBS every Sunday.

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