Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week – March Week 1

A new month is here! And with it comes brand spanking new moments we adored.

1. “Heard It Through The Grapevine“: Triple Oops!

Mom and dad, oops, I have a girlfriend! And we made an “oops baby!” And oops, her water just broke on your couch!

Is it wrong that we couldn’t stop laughing through this scene? We’ve watched several dramas about unplanned pregnancy, but none of them have been this funny. We couldn’t help but laugh as poor In Sang struggled through tears to introduce his pregnant girlfriend, Seo Bom, to his family. Are we evil for finding his embarrassingly awkward explanation hilarious? Or losing control when she went into labor right in front of them? If so, let’s just say that this road to hell is paved with tons of laughter. We can’t wait to see what else this drama has for us.

2. “Shine or Go Crazy“: I apologize, my son

It’s hard to see through these tears. What does a son do after a mother who’s maltreated him throughout his life apologizes? He accepts. It really is that simple. Our hearts broke when Wang So apologized the moment he saw his mom.

“Mom, I’m sorry for whatever I did this time.”

How heartbreaking! And our hearts shattered into even smaller pieces when stared in shock at the tea his mother served him because it was the first time she’d done so in his 30+ years. The pearl tea symbolized her wiping away the tears she’d caused him over the years. We cannot excuse Queen Yoo for treating her child like a pariah since birth but if he forgives her, so can we. Hence, we couldn’t stop the tears from falling as we watched mother and son reconcile. It was a great scene. And now we’re off to buy some pearl tea.

3. “Hogu’s Love“: “That person is Ho Gu. Kang Ho Gu”

Ho Gu has won our hearts; we adore this clueless dork and think he’s the sweetest thing ever. This week, while watching over Do Hee’s baby, he compares the infants features with the father, his most hated high-school rival, Kang Chul. We loved the interaction between Ho Gu and the baby at the very end of this video; they are adorable.

Meanwhile, Kang Chul makes a confession: the most beautiful person the world to him is…Ho Gu? Ohhh, this could be interesting!

4. “Kill Me, Heal Me“: Just Live One More Day

This was a tough week for viewers of this drama, lots of tears and basically no one was happy. The rooftop scene between Do Hyun and Ri Jin was extremely touching though, which makes it one of our favorite moments for the week.

Thinking suicidal teen Yo Sub has returned, Ri Jin rushed to the roof to keep him from killing himself and gives a moving, heartfelt speech about living just one more day. Just keep going thinking “one more day” and eventually a happy day will come along. We couldn’t agree more.


5. “Unkind Women“: Sweetness From The Sidelines

Unkind Women” has only had two episodes, but spunky Professor Jung Ma Ri is already beset with problems. Her mom has run away and her class at a prestigious university has been cancelled, putting her on the unemployment line. At a cafe, she broods over her situation, and just before she leaves, the barista surprises her with a cup of coffee paid for by a stranger. Even though he doesn’t know her, it’s the second sweet and secret gesture Lee Roo Oh has shown our professor. One could argue he just feels bad for her, but we think he already likes her. Although we anticipate a proper face-to-face between them, we’re pretty giddy about their close encounters, especially as Roo Oh can’t resist being her sly angel.


6. “Unkind Women”: Gratuitous eye candy

If Jung Ma Ri and Lee Roo Oh end up being married someday, will they tell their kids about the first time they spoke to each other?

After working out a sweat swinging a Kendo sword, Jung Ma Ri gets in the shower. Before she could drop the towel though, she surprises herself as well as Lee Roo Oh, the occupant of another stall. Luckily for the two of them, a curtain separates them from an R-rated experience!

Ma Ri hurries to the door after he scolds her for getting in the men’s shower, but just before she could step into the locker room, she finds two men have begun to strip down. LOL. She runs back in and recruits a very annoyed Roo Oh to get the men to leave. Although miffed, Roo Oh complies, he and Ma Ri trying their best to avoid any peeking as he makes his exit.

This might not be the ideal sort of meet-cute, but Ma Ri’s bad luck has definitely been our good fortune!

7. “Legendary Witch“: This apple falls far from the tree

Do Hyun shows how a man is not a reflection of his father, when he decides to turn himself in for his father’s crimes. The truth of his father’s past deeds have hurt him so deeply, he regrets ever waking up from his coma. He knows full well that his father’s evil act will come to light, and places himself on the chopping block before more victims are added on to his father’s hit list.

Do Hyun is a sympathetic figure in this drama, despite is family being evil, he still has a sense of decency. We hope he can fully recover his health and move on from Soo In, after all, he is also a victim of his father’s actions.

8.”Hyde Jekyll Me“: I want to live

As Seo Jin begins to accept Robin as just another part of himself and moves towards recovery, Robin begins to fear he will disappear. Fully aware of the situation, Tae Joo decides to take full advantage of the situation. Using hypnosis he temporarily makes Robin disappear by awakening Seo Jin’s violent alter, Terry, who almost succeeds at harming Dr. Kang, but is stopped when Robin resurfaces. Coming to his senses, Robin escapes with Dr. Kang, saving them from breathing toxic gas. Then he meets Ha Na to whom he expresses his desire to live.

The desire to live is a basic human instinct, however, Robin’s right to live is called into question when it means Seo Jin must live with this mental illness for he rest of his life. All in all the writer is making it hard for us to let either men go. 

9. “Heart to Heart“: I love you, goodbye

It is often said that “love conquers all,” but what is a man to do when he must choose between love of family and the woman in his heart?

When Yi Suk learns that Hong Do is Young Ji, it means the end of their relationship. Although he still loves her and wants to be with her, he can no longer oppose his grandfather’s objections when it puts his grandfather’s health at risk.

The farewell scene between the lovers was bittersweet as Hong Do belted out her love for Yi Suk, who tearfully walked away. The agony of the two broke our hearts, love is painful, but who knew it could be this hard to watch?

10. “Blood“: While you were sleeping
Our leads haven’t completely warmed up to each other yet, but Ri Ta hasn’t ignored Ji Sang’s inexplicable charm either.
In this scene, Ri Ta walks into Ji Sang’s office, finding him asleep. With her curiosity guiding her, she quietly approaches him. She leans forward and her hand inches closer to his neck. However, before she could touch him, he wakes up, his eyes shooting her a suspicious glare.
It’s too early for romance, but little scenes like this get our hearts fluttering.
Between the scenes that touch our hearts and make our eyes happy, is it a wonder why we comeback for more? Let us know what your faves are and we, the ladies of Couch Kimchi, hope to see you again next week.

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