Kim Gun Mo and Sung Yuri to Address Top Secret Wedding Rumors on “Healing Camp”

Kim Gun Mo and Sung Yuri have will reveal the truth about their alleged ‘top secret wedding.’

Kim Gun Mo will appear on the March 2 episode of SBS‘s “Healing Camp” as a guest.

There had been rumors in 2010 that Kim Gun Mo and Sung Yuri will wed each other in New York in top secret, and he is expected to address these.

During the filming, Sung Yuri calls Kim Gun Mo “husband” five years after the rumors began. At this, Kim Je Dong says, “It seems [Kim Gun Mo] is feeling uncomfortable. Was there really nothing happening between th two of you?” It was relayed that Kim Gun Mo was very flustered by the question.

The truth of the five-year-old top secret wedding rumours will be revealed through “Healing Camp” on March 2.