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Seo Jung Hoo. Park Bong Soo. Healer. Whichever name he decides to use, Ji Chang Wook‘s character in “Healer” has completely captured my heart. Completely. I used to laugh at how cute Soompiers were by always telling me my man crush of the week is “more than just a Monday crush. He’s my everyday crush!” But now, I know. Now, I understand. And I just want to say that I hear you, Soompiers!

It might be strange that after more than a decade of dramas, my most perfect man turns out to be such a recent one – as in three weeks ago recent – but if you knew Seo Jung Hoo, then you’d understand. Wouldn’t you? Of course, I didn’t say that he’s perfect because he’s truly without flaws. After all, where’s the fun in that? I say that because his flaws are part of what makes him beautiful and head over heels crush worthy.

There is so much I can say in praise for “Healer” and Seo Jung Hoo, but I’ll settle for simply stating that “Healer” has dramatically raised the bar for all future dramas and I fully expect to wait another decade or so before seeing one that will come as close to my definition of perfection as this drama. But instead of simply taking my word for it, we should let Seo Jung Hoo speak for himself. If you haven’t fallen for his charms, then you will after this! (Spoilers ahead.)

1. He’s hilarious.

 photo MCM_Seo Jung Hoo_Hilarious_zpshi4lh4lu.gif

Unintentionally so, which is the best type of hilarious to be. I guess we can’t really blame him since he’s never been a people person… until Chae Young Shin, that is. Running away in sheer terror from a hoard of women who only wants to dress him up for an undercover mission, attempting to peel potatoes with an alien object that confuses him (It’s called a peeler, Jung Hoo! And it’s a wonderful invention!), and peeling the outer layers of an onion like he’s actually carving into an apple are just some of his funny antics. Oh, let’s not forget that prankster Young Shin tricks him into touching his eyes with fingers full of onion juice. LOL.

His facial expressions during those precious moments can make anyone fall over laughing, but none are as knee slapping as his shocked and startled faces. The Healer fans call it his “WTF face.” Here’s just one example of many:
 photo tumblr_nhq9rpgimU1ql66nmo1_500_zpsqkt779mm.gif

2. Seo Jung Hoo is simplistic.

 photo MCM_Seo Jung Hoo_Simplistic_zpsjqlkhu7r.gif

All he wants is a deserted island! How much more simple can he get? Okay, okay. That’s actually pretty complicated, but Seo Jung Hoo had already acquired 64% of the funds he needed to buy his own island. Pretty ambitious and hardworking, eh? He doesn’t really enjoy his job as a night courier; it just pays well and helps him build his ultimate goal of kicking back and relaxing all by his lonesome, surrounded by sand and waves.

When he meets Chae Young Shin though, Seo Jung Hoo’s dream becomes even more simple – to live a normal life. He wants to be like other everyday people. Settle down. Get married. Have children. Hold a normal job. Spend his days with the love of his life. Be happy. This time, truly, how much more simple can he get? He’s not picky at all about the material items and he only needs Young Shin by his side. That’s all he needs to feel fully and completely content.

A nice bonus would be Jo Min Ja, lovingly referred to as “ahjumma,” and Kim Moon Ho‘s presence and friendship. Together, the four creates a perfect team – their own little Healer family.

3. He’s the perfect blend of Seo Jung Hoo, Park Bong Soo, and Healer.

 photo MCM_Seo Jung Hoo_Teamwork_zpso4rpw3b6.gif

Although he’s stuttering Park Bong Soo by day and fierce Healer by night, Seo Jung Hoo isn’t always putting on an act. He possesses qualities from all three of his identities, molding him into one gorgeous male. Gorgeous inside and out, that is. He has the vulnerabilities and loneliness of Seo Jung Hoo, the confidence and intelligence of Healer, and the awkward innocence of Park Bong Soo. There is absolutely no way to pinpoint which traits are his best or which part of him is my most favorite because all of his qualities mesh together so well. He wouldn’t be who he is if any aspect of him changes and I can say with 100% certainty that I’m glad he was consistent and developed from beginning to end.

P.S. Seo Jung Hoo didn’t even need to consider anger management classes like so many other male leads! He’s not nasty, foul-tempered, or short fused just because he could be. Ever. Wow, daebak (awesome)!

4. Seo Jung Hoo doesn’t suffer the Noble Idiocy Disease. 

 photo tumblr_nh8abanuiD1ql66nmo1_500_zps5fntkati.gif

But then, neither does Chae Young Shin! Which makes the two of them a perfect, perfect match.

There has been misunderstandings and consideration for each others’ well being. There has been doubt and the uncertainty on whether to trust or distrust each other. There has been a lingering fear that they’ll only bring each other harm. But never, never, never did Seo Jung Hoo and Chae Young Shin allow that to deter their relationship in any way. Instead, they take time apart from each other to carefully consider the situation then they talk to each other about it. Open, honest, emotionally raw conversations.

Hey, who knew such a thing existed in Dramaland! And who knew problems could actually get solved this way! Leave it to two young people entering their first relationship to show the world how it’s done! It’s no wonder I totally love this OTP.

5. Seo Jung Hoo has smooth moves.

 photo tumblr_nhybixfVKi1ql66nmo6_500_zpsctvh5plz.gif

Scaling the walls. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Crashing through windows in the blink of an eye. Taking on a dozen men all by himself. Surprise visiting his girlfriend by using her window as an entryway. Fighting through the effects of sedatives like a real champion. Seo Jung Hoo totally sizzles whenever he leaps into action, especially since he’s so polite about it at the same time. I couldn’t help but chuckle when he apologized to the mother and child he startled when he cut across their living room for a shorter route to his destination or when he thanks President Hwang after giving him a much deserved beating and breaking into his safe for an external hard drive.

I’ve never been a big fan of baseball caps and all black ensembles, but on Seo Jung Hoo, it’s undeniably swoon worthy and even Park Bong Soo’s adorably clean and neat outfits are no comparison.


Intense stares. Boyish grins. Charm and charisma. Odd terms of endearment.
High up places. First snowfall. Small hands. White bedding. Hair.
The sound of camera shutters. Large hands. Smiling eyes. Big embraces.

 photo tumblr_nhybixfVKi1ql66nmo7_500_zpsx3ge3vad.gif

Things I don’t like? Everything that keeps me away from the very things I like.

What about you, Soompiers? What are the things you like and don’t like about Seo Jung Hoo? Let me know in the comments below! (And don’t forget to start those nominations again!)

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