Choi Jin Hyuk Says Goodbye at Fan Meeting Ahead of Enlisting

Choi Jin Hyuk, actor in shows such as “Fated To Love You,” “Pride and Prejudice,” and “Emergency Couple,” held a fan meeting with 400 fans in Korea on February 28, his last event before he enlists in the military.

The first part of the fan meeting was a time for Choi Jin Hyuk to answer questions from fans. These ranged from questions regarding his personal life to questions about his various dramas, and he shared behind-the-scenes stories from his works. To end the first part of the fan meeting, he sang Radiohead’s “Creep” and his fans got to enjoy his charismatic singing.

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The second part of the fan meeting was called “Fated to Make a Real Man,” calling to mind his drama “Fated to Love You” and the military variety show “Real Men.” Park Kyung Lim, who was revealed to long-time friends with Choi Jin Hyuk on “Happy Together,” transformed into a training officer and under her direction, Choi Jin Hyuk prepared for the military by learning about supplies, training exercises, and military food. Going along with the military theme, he and three lucky fans underwent a fitness test through arm wrestling, jump-roping, and doing sit-ups.

After seeing a video clip of his fans’ messages of support, Choi Jin Hyuk shared his heartfelt emotions and said, “I usually cry easily but I’m trying my best to not cry today. I’m putting in a lot of effort right now because I want to keep smiling until the end.” He gave a final greeting and expression of thanks as he shared, “I’ll work hard during my military service and return to you.” He then gave a deep bow, lowering his heads, hands, and knees to the crowd, which caused his fans to burst out crying.

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In order to end the fan meeting on a happy note, Choi Jin Hyuk sang Kim Gun Mo’s popular and energetic song, “Wrongful Meeting” and the event concluded on cheerfully. Even after the fan meeting officially concluded, Choi Jin Hyuk shook hands with this fans, giving fans a meaningful way to remember him.

The fan meeting was Choi Jin Hyuk’s last official activity as an actor. He will have personal time until he enlists on March 31.

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