Kang Ye Won Got Over Her Complex of Glasses with “Real Men”

Actress Kang Ye Won, who is gaining popularity recently for her work on MBC‘s “Real Men,” has showed her chic and cute charms for the fashion magazine Grazia.

Kang Ye Won showed off a new, simple style with the Grazia pictorial. Even on the set, she was considerate to the staff, always putting them first. Her puppy visited the studio and an impromptu photo shoot with the puppy ensued.

On the interview afterwards, Kang Ye Won confessed her feelings towards “Real Men.” She said, “After I got back from that, I suffered a cold for a almost a month.” She also said, “I really didn’t want to be one to inconvenience the others that I had first met, but I kept getting called out. So I think I felt a bit guilty, and I cried a lot.”

She also said that she had been wearing glasses since she was in kindergarten and shared, “That had been a complex for me so I’d been trying not to show myself wearing them, but I got over the complex through the show.”

Kang Ye Won’s pictorial and interview can be found on the 50th issue of Grazia that will be released on March 5.

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