Who Wore It Better: Go Ah Sung or Son Dam Bi in Blumarine

Spring is around the corner here in Korea, so it’s time to ditch the heavy winter fabrics and colors! Son Dam Bi and Go Ah Sung were recently photographed in the same floral patterned design from the Blumarine Spring 2015 RTW collection.

Son Dam Bi, channeling a feminine and sexy energy, wore a formfitting dress paired with a nude bodysuit for the February issue of Sure magazine. Go Ah Sung appeared in the same design at a photocall session for “Heard it Through the Grapevine.” She kept it casual and youthful by pairing her baggy top with a tank top and linen skirt. With such a busy print, both women wisely opted to keep the styling casual, with natural makeup and few accessories.



go-ah-sungBMFLASH15_04 BMFLASH15_07

Of course, it should be noted that Son Dam Bi had benefit of editorial photoshoot conditions, but we thought it would be fun to show how two celebrities can look radically different while wearing the same print!