EXID Hani’s Enlisted Brother Realized Her Popularity Through Friends in the Military

Girl group EXID’s Hani poses in a racy pictorial released on March 4 by men’s style magazine GEEK.

The spread is just in time for White Day, a day celebrated on March 14 in Asian countries where guys give girls white gifts like candies, chocolates, and jewelry.

geek magazine

In the photos, the bombshell idol ups the sex appeal in itty bitty shorts and killer pumps that show off her long and lean legs.

In the corresponding interview, Hani shared how her younger brother realized how popular she is, “My younger brother, who is currently enlisted, realized [my] popularity through his friends in the military.”

geek magazine

She also shared that she considers herself greatly indebted to the fan who recorded the viral fancam of her dancing to “Up & Down.”

Meanwhile, you can catch the full interview and pictorial in the March issue of GEEK.

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