Amber Lost Interest in Ideal Type after Finding Out His Age According to Kim Ji Young

Actress Kim Ji Young dished the scoop on f(x) Amber’s crush on the ‘Honey Voice’ drill instructor from “MBC’s “Real Men.”

On the March 4 radio broadcast of SBS PowerFM’sKim Chang Ryul’s Old School,”

Kim Ji Young was asked by a listener, “How is the ‘Honey Voice’ drill instructor?”

She replied, “Just looking at him made the exhaustion go away. While training, Amber came to me saying she wanted to tell me a secret and shared, ‘That drill instructor is totally my type.’”

Kim Ji Young said that she ran into Amber’s crush while visiting the medical unit for a back injury, “I asked him, ‘My hoobae Amber says that you are her ideal type. What do you think about Amber?’ but he ran away.”

She continued, “When I told Amber that he is 23 years old, she said, ‘I don’t think yeonha (dating someone younger) is for me. I’m not really into it.’” At 23 years old in Korean age, the drill instructor is only one year younger than Amber, who is 24 years old in Korea.

“I told Amber, ‘Is this really the time to be choosy?’” the actress said, making listeners laugh.

Meanwhile, Amber unexpectedly met her ideal type on “Real Men” and went on to follow him on Instagram.