Niel Plays Lip Games with Teen Top Members on “Weekly Idol”

Teen Top’s Niel, who recently made his solo debut with “Lovekiller,” appeared as a guest on this week’s “Weekly Idol.”

Ahead of the broadcast, “Weekly Idol” uploaded onto Twitter a photo of poor Niel who is down on all fours getting dragging around by something that is attached to a leash.

weekly idol

Fellow Teen Top members C.A.P, Ricky, and L.Joe also made appearances to support Niel, showcasing their deep friendship with one another.

In the preview for the episode (see below), the boys of Teen Top can be seen playing a number of games featuring Niel’s trademark lips, which have earned him the nicknames “Lip Prince” and “Sausage Lips.”

Excited yet?

This episode of “Weekly Idol” aired on March 4 at 5:49 p.m., KST on MBC Every1.