Rookie Idol Group Member Faces Sexual Assault Lawsuit; Agency Denies Claims

According to media reports, a rookie idol group member is facing a lawsuit for sexual assault (name undisclosed).

The Gangnam police station stated on March 5 that plaintiff “A,” in her twenties, is claiming she was sexually assaulted on February 27 by the idol group member, “B.”

“A” says that she met “B” in November of last year, and that a couple days after she was sexually assaulted, “B” came to her home and attempted to do so again.

“We’ve wrapped up questioning ‘A,’ and will shortly call in ‘B’ for further investigation,” says a police representative.

Meanwhile, the idol’s agency has responded to the media, insisting that the claims of assault are not true. “She first used the alleged sexual assault to make unreasonable demands, so we filed a lawsuit first,” says an agency rep. “Starting about two months ago, she began posting [what she claims in her suit] on social media and blackmailed us. We’ve already filed a lawsuit for distribution of false information.”

The agency rep further claims that after “A” failed to comply with summons, she suddenly filed a counter suit.

Asiae, while not explicitly naming the idol group, reports that the group to which idol member “B” belongs had posted a video on SNS on how to properly hoist the Korean flag on March 1 (March 1 Movement), which seems to be referring to rookie group ZEST.

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