Son Ho Joon and Baro Argue over Girl’s Day and A Pink on “Laws of the Jungle with Friends”

Laws of the Jungle with Friends” reveals that close friends Son Ho Joon and B1A4’s Baro have differing tastes when it comes to girl groups.

The upcoming episode of SBS’s “Laws of the Jungle with Friends” has the cast hunting for king clams and wild chickens. After successfully gathering food, they begin to prepare a feast.

During their meal preparations a game is started. The game is a way of checking to see whether the friends know each other’s preferences well. With sauce and ramen at stake, the cast is eager to receive good results.

The producers prepared a word/topic and two choices for each word/topic. If a pair picks the same choice, then they win. Son Ho Joon and Baro are considered strong candidates to win due to their friendly bromance.

However, when the game came to the topic of girl groups with the choices being A Pink and Girl’s Day, they were unable to select the same answer. Son Ho Joon answered Girl’s Day while Baro chose A Pink. After hearing Baro’s answer Son Ho Joon expressed his disagreement by repeatedly asking, “Why?”  Then he stated, “Baro doesn’t know girl groups very well” and didn’t hide his love for Girl’s Day.

You can watch this episode of them bickering over girl groups on March 6.