TVXQ Is Still Ambitious and Successful Heading into Their 10th Year Since Japanese Debut

The veteran duo TVXQ revealed that they would like to continue to write new history as they approach their 10-year Japanese debut anniversary.

The massive superstars recently revealed their honest thoughts and reflections on the last 10 years and about their Japanese activities in an interview with Oricon, the largest Japanese music chart.

In this interview, Changmin said, “I think a lot of time has passed by after looking back at the last 10 years. We’re truly thankful for the fans for the amount of love that we’re receiving.”

Yunho emphasized, “The reason why we’re here is all thanks to the fans.” He continued, “Considering our 10th year anniversary, we need to continue to rewrite history,” revealing TVXQ’s will to continue their reign as the most successful foreign artists in Japan.

Yunho also mentioned their future hopes, saying, “We would like to continue to be on stage. Also, I would like another Nissan Stadium live concert. When we first did a live concert at Nissan Stadium, I thought there was an element of luck. I want to confirm that it wasn’t just luck, and if opportunity allows, I would like to meet our fans at Nissan Stadium again to say, ‘We could do this because you protected us.'” Nissan Stadium seats 70,000 audience members and has the largest seating capacity of any venue in Japan. In 2013, TVXQ proved their popularity by selling out two concerts over two days at Nissan Stadium, gathering 140,000 fans over those two short days during their “Time: Live Tour 2013.”

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Changmin also revealed his ambitions, saying, “I would like to be an artist where a lot of people come to our live concerts. For instance, we only had one concert at the Sapporo Dome this year, but I hope for us to be artists who can do live concerts for several days there.” The Sapporo Dome is notorious for being difficult to fill because of its distant location, however, TVXQ is only one of very few artists in Japan who can sell out a Sapporo Dome concert.

TVXQ, who debuted in 2003, are artists who are consistently receiving a huge amount of passion and love from both Korean and Japanese fans. Last year, they completed a 5-Dome and Nissan Stadium tour in Japan for the first time for any foreign artist, and over the last three years, they performed for over 2 million audience members.

In the interview, the members also reflected on each other’s growth over the last 10 years. Yunho said, “I think a lot of things about Changmin changed. In terms of his vocals, I think he sings with more sincerity than he did before. Recently, he is good at putting his emotions into his singing. And I think his dancing is going very well, too.” Changmin also shared his thoughts on Yunho, saying, “Yunho was always great at dancing. On the vocal side, he used to mainly express his manly side like his personality, but recently, he’s become a lot more delicate.”

Meanwhile, TVXQ is currently on another huge Japanese Dome Tour, “TOHOSHINKI LIVE TOUR 2015 ~WITH~,” which is as successful as ever.

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