Eric Nam Will Be Starring in Hollywood Film with Famous Celebrities

Singer Eric Nam revealed that he will be starring in a Hollywood film on “Cultwo Show.”

During SBS Power FM “Cultwo Show,” aired on March 5, Norazo, Eric Nam, and HEYNE appeared as guests.

One listener sent in the question, “I heard Eric Nam was one of the last three candidates for a Hollywood film. What are the results?”

“I didn’t get the role,” he shyly said in response. “It was a twin role, but unfortunately, my other twin was cast as a Caucasian. Obviously it wouldn’t work out.”

He, however, continued with good news, saying, “I might have not been cast for that movie, but when I recently visited the U.S., another movie recruited me. I can’t say which movie it is or what role I play, but I am currently working with several commercialized celebrities. Though I may play a small role, it is a good film.”

What kind of movie would you like to see him in?