Girl Group LABOUM’s Manager and Staff Involved in a Car Accident

Girl group Laboum‘s manager and staff were involved in a car accident on March 6. Representatives from NH Media have stated, “Laboum filmed a music video for their March comeback” and “after filming three cars were driving and one of them hit the guard rail and crashed while trying to avoid a speeding car.”

The car that crashed carried Laboum’s manager, stylists, and staff members as passengers. Laboum members themselves were in a different car and were safe from the accident.

The passengers in the car crash were taken to an emergency room immediately. After undergoing examinations, one stylist was revealed to have injured her hand while most passengers were lucky and suffered bruising.

NH Media continued, “In order to prevent a collision with the speeding car, the driver had no choice but to swerve toward the guard rail. Even though the car accident was serious enough to activate all of the air bags, it was very fortunate that there were no serious injuries. We hope the manager and staff members affected by the car accident to recover quickly and we will make sure they receive proper treatment.”