BTS’ V Says He Doesn’t Want to Act Like He’s Handsome; Shares His Love for Fans in Interview

During an interview with The Star, V talked about his fans, living as an idol, and his group BTS.

V confessed that he has a hard time trying to look ‘handsome’ like other idols. “I am not scared of looking ugly. And I’m thankful that [my fans] like me even when I make weird facial expressions. I don’t plan on looking handsome in an unnatural way. That would be a burden,” he shared. He also mentioned that he wants to be part of variety shows like “1 Day 2 Nights.” He explained, “I want to be in a variety show that I could show my true self in. A variety show like ‘1 Day 2 Nights’ is about being real, so I’d like that.”

V is a big fan of his fan club A.R.M.Y. When asked what moment is most memorable for him since his debut, he shared that it was when he gifted his fans with a song for his birthday. He also shared that his favorite song out of BTS’ tracks is “Attack on Bangtan” because it is a good song to perform in front of fans. “Although it isn’t a title track, many fans tend to sing along and enjoy it. It sort of became a song that cheers us up,” V explained.

When asked what BTS means to V, he answered, “It’s a lucky chance that will only come once in a lifetime. If I wasn’t in BTS I would probably be a farmer. I’ll be pulling out weeds from a farm with my grandmother.”

He ended the interview sharing what he wished for BTS. He said, “I wish [we] become a turning point for Korean’s music industry. I hope BTS will become a sensation with its musical talent.”

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