EXID’s Hani Is Completely Honest About Her Easy-Going Personality on “Running Man”

EXID’s Hani revealed that she is a very down-to-earth person with a cool attitude.

On the episode of SBS’s variety show “Running Man” that aired on March 8, Hani forms a team with Yoo Jae Suk.

While some may be fooled by the “pretty mean girl” stereotype, Hani shows her easy-going personality while driving to the next game location. Once in the car, she immediately rolls her bangs with a hair roller in order to keep them styled, showing she is not afraid to look a little goofy in front of the camera.

Then, as she is taken over by drowsiness from the car ride, she yawns and falls asleep with her head titled to the side. Even Yoo Jae Suk is surprised at her down-to-earth personality because very few girl group members have been this honest on camera. When she wakes up from her quick yet deep nap, he jokingly comments, “I thought you were dead.”

hani on runningman 2 hani on runningman 3

At one point, she even uses a mouth refresher spray, burps, and rolls down the window.

Meanwhile, on this episode of “Running Man,’ EXID’s Hani, GFRIEND’s Yerin, and actors Jung So Min, Yoon So He, and Nam Ji Hyun partner up with the original crew as couples for a race.