Ga In Felt Like Crying While Filming with Nude Male Models for Music Video

Singer Ga In opened up about how she felt while filming a nude scene in Thailand for her new music video.

On March 9, Ga In held a press conference for her fourth mini-album, “Hawwah.” The music video for “Paradise Lost” was also revealed, and towards the end, there was a scene where Thai models were nude.

About this, Ga In said, “In the music video, the male models are all performing completely nude. They all had great bodies, so I went with a lot of expectation. But once I saw so many people [nude] like that, I felt really small. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to cry.”

She continued, “The female director was touching the male models’ bodies as she directed where they should be. I entered in the set when they were all crouched down. The astounding thing was, during break, the models were all walking around like it was nothing, like primitive men. I was so surprised.”

Meanwhile, Ga In will be releasing her mini-album “Hawwah” and will begin her promotions on March 12.