“The Legendary Witch” Goes Out with a Bang, Dominating Ratings as Usual

MBC’s weekend drama “The Legendary Witch” went out with a bang, dominating its time slot as usual.

On March 8, “The Legendary Witch” aired its last episode, which according to Nielsen Korea recorded a prodigious 30.1 percent viewer rating by the national standard.

“The Legendary Witch” earned its highest regional rating in the Seoul capital area, recording 31.8 percent.

In the gender and age categories, women in their 40s to 50s made up the biggest demographic, composing 15 percent of all viewers.

Indeed, since its very first episode, the drama has staunchly defended its first place spot in viewer ratings against other programming during its time slot. “The Legendary Witch” premiered on October 25, 2014 to a 14.5 percent rating and has averaged an impressive 24.7 percent rating across its 40 episodes.

The all-time highest rating the drama achieved during its run was 31.4 percent (according to the national standard) for its 29th episode, which aired on January 31.

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