Former K-Pop Idol Sued for Not Paying Back Borrowed Money

A former K-pop idol group member was sued by an acquaintance for not paying back money that he borrowed.

According to Seoul police on March 10, a lawsuit was filed against a 26-year-old ex-celebrity “A,” who borrowed a total of 500,000 won (~$500 USD) from his acquaintance, 25-year-old “B.”

“A” was part of a four-member boy band who debuted in in 2007. However, the group failed to attract meaningful attention and ceased activities the following year.

“B” said in the complaint that, “[A] borrowed money between last April and June and said that he needed to quickly pay back a friend that he borrowed from. He ignored my many requests for him to pay the money back.”

“B” also said, “I asked him to send me at least part of the money to show his intention to pay me back, but he kept avoiding me, saying, ‘I don’t have any money on me.’ However, he was posting on social media trips that he’d taken to Japan or Phuket, and was posting pictures of expensive food he had eaten on a trip with friends, living in a way that is far from someone who says he has no money.”

“[A] goes around exaggerating his popularity, saying he’s under an agency that a famous actor recommended for him, and lures people into letting him borrow money, and then doesn’t pay them back.”

“A” was reached by phone for an interview by Yeonhap News, where he said, “I wasn’t able to pay him back because of personal reasons. I coincidentally changed my phone number, and I think that must have been where the misunderstanding was.” He also explained, “The trips were not for fun but for work.”

“A” continued, “I’m not active as a celebrity right now and I’m privately studying music,” and said, “I’ve contacted B and told him that I will pay him back sometime this month and I’ve asked for his account number.”