Hyosung Renders Men Speechless with Sexy Dance on “Match Made in Heaven Returns”

The men can’t handle Hyosung and Narsha!

On March 10, “Match Made in Heaven Returns” released preview videos of Secret’s Hyosung and Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha, who heat it up with their sexy dances, performed on the show before the couples were chosen.

It reaches the point where Hyun Woo and Henry have to turn away, unable to continue watching, while special MC Lee Gook Joo has a great time with commentary. Meanwhile, MCs Lee Hwi Jae and Leeteuk are unable to say much, Lee Hwi Jae deciding midway through Hyosung’s dance that he needs to sit down, after she does the splits.

Also featured in a preview is Yoo Seung Ok, known for her great body, though she elicits a much different response with her own dance.