Pucker up for Soompi’s Perfect White Day Playlist

It is here at last! No, not Spring, never mind about that. We’re talking March 14, White Day, the most romantic day of the whole year…except for Valentine’s Day, that is. And maybe Christmas. Well, anyway, thankfully the K-pop calendar is full of days dedicated to love. And White Day is a time for couples to court like crazy; and for bashful singles to pluck up the courage to confess their affections to that special somebody.

So join us on a journey into the K-pop crates as we pick 14 romance-laden tracks perfect for you and your boo on possibly the smoochiest day of the year.

2AM / “Confession of a Friend” 

If there was ever a day for bold declarations of love, it was most certainly White Day. This is the time to throw your shyness to one side and just tell that your crush how you feel. This track is all about doing just that, and it also sounds the part to boot. When it’s top-quality slush and romance you’re after, 2AM should be your go-to group.

Ra.D Ft Kelley / “Couple Song

On a day that celebrates couples, this song could get onto the playlist on its title alone. But it also happens to be a remarkably smooth, unforced number. It is beautifully sung and impeccably produced, and – best of all – full of gooey romantic lyrics about how the singers “can’t live one day” without each other.

Ailee /“Heaven

The song that put this ex-reality star firmly onto the K-pop map, “Heaven” saw Ailee quickly establish herself as one of Korea’s leading female solo vocalists. But unlike many of her other hits, whose lyrical content often comprise fierce audio tongue-lashings of former flames, this song is a nice, old-fashioned gooey-eyed power ballad about the sheer force of love. Even though the video is a touch on the sad side, the song itself is just what the love doctor ordered today.

Akdong Musician / “200%

When the words “I love you” just aren’t enough, when just being in love just isn’t enough, there is love on the next level – 200% of it, to be precise. Adorable lyrics, an adorable melody and an equally adorable video, this is the song to play when you are trying your hardest to be impossibly cute.

U-KISS / “One Love

Being a male of the species, I do not often tend to get too attached to boy bands. But I have to admit that even I am already missing U-KISS like crazy. From the group’s early work with Brave Brothers on tracks such as “I Like You” and “Round & Round” to slower songs like “0330,” you rarely heard a dud from U-KISS. The boys had plenty of romantic numbers, but this one is my pick for White Day.

K.Will / “Day 1

K.Will songs were made for days like these, and this one is no exception. At once uplifting and romantic, its lyrics are all about starting a relationship. And what better day to embark on a new love affair than the most romantic day of the year? Plus, if your relationship’s Day 1 is White Day, you will have no problem at all remembering when your anniversary is.

Girl’s Day / “White Day

Let’s put this song into the middle of the playlist just in case you forgot what the theme was. “Confess your love. This is your chance!” goes the chorus. A sort of mantra for the whole day, really.

Hyunyoung & Sool J / “Honey

Last year was the year for male solo star-girl group member collaborations. But although San E X Raina and Soyu X Junggigo had much bigger hits, this slow-burning track was just as brimming with romantic charm as any other release of its ilk. With a music video that did not even feature either of the stars (rapper Sool J and Rainbow’s Hyunyoung) and no TV promotions, it was low-key to say the least. Yet the track is not only a sweet, catchy ditty, but also has some clever, romantic lyrics full of double meaning, telling the story of love in the provinces  a perfect tale for the most romantic day of the year. Gets better every time you listen to it.

ALi Ft Locco / “What Is Luv?

In the midst of all the kisses, chocolate and declarations of undying affection, we need a little time to ask ourselves what it is all about. Hopefully ALi or her pal Locco can be of some help.

Clazziquai Ft Tablo / “Love Mode

Well, you had better be in “Love Mode” all day today if you know what’s good for you. You could probably pick an entire White Day playlist of Clazziquai songs that are tailor-made for White Day, but the melody line of this one, plus the impeccably tight Tablo rap section means “Love Mode” is the one that makes the final cut.

SHINee / “Replay

Still my personal favorite SHINee track; the beat is hypnotic and the vocal layering towards the end of the song makes you wish it would go on for hours. But it gets onto this list for two reasons, namely: if you are making a smooth boyband track, this is still the standard to aim for. And secondly, which noona does not want to hear a confession of affection from a younger fella who looks like one of the SHINee members on White Day?

Super Junior / “This Is Love

Just because it’s White Day, it doesn’t mean that we have to forgo funky basslines. With an upbeat, retro disco groove, lyrics all about the giddy glory of being in love and some silky smooth vocals, possibly the only thing better than this track is its stylish video.

Jerry.K Ft 40 / “Curve

This is a song for later in the evening when you need to shift from the romantic to the smooth. And if it is smooth you are looking for, look no further. A sometime collaborator with the likes of The Quiett and Mad Clown, Jerry.K has a whole stack of less-abrasive hip-hop tracks suitable for late night-early morning listening, but this one is the one you are probably looking for on a day like today.

Leessang Ft Yoon Mi Rae & 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol / “Turn the TV Off

The hook goes: “I love you so much I had to turn the TV off.” Surely nobody is that special. No one gets me to turn my TV off, especially if EXID happens to be on. Seriously, though, great song.

That’s it for our White Day playlist, but what do you think, Soompiers? Did we miss your favorite White Day track? Tell us about your passionate K-pop picks for this romantic day in the comments below!

We’ve also created a YouTube playlist for your convenience so bookmark it and let it play when you’re in the mood for love!

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