Rainbow Wraps Up “Black Swan” Promotions after Just 2 Weeks

TV Daily recently reported that according to DSP Media on March 11, as announced through Rainbow‘s fan café, Rainbow is wrapping up their “Black Swan” promotions after just two weeks.

“With last week’s music show, [Rainbow’s] ‘Black Swan’ promotions have come to an end. Many thanks to all the fans who supported Rainbow’s third mini album, and we’ll work hard to return new and improved. Thank you,” said the agency.

While it was Rainbow’s first comeback in a year and eight months, the song, following its release last month on February 23, was unable to maintain a spot in the top 100 and failed to garner significant interest, resulting in the early termination of promotions.

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Watch the music video for “Black Swan” here:

Rainbow Releases Dark and Sensual MV for “Black Swan”