Teen Top’s Niel Asked If He Has Ever Considered Lip Surgery

Teen Top member Niel was recently asked if he has ever considered receiving plastic surgery on his lips.

On the March 13 radio broadcast of MBC FM 4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon,” Niel appeared as a guest to promote his solo debut track and talk about a variety of topics.

During the radio show, DJ Kim Shin Young started up a speed quiz with the Teen Top member and began to ask quick-fire questions that he had to answer on the spot.

One of the questions that caught the interest of listeners was a question regarding plastic surgery. Kim Shin Young asked, “Have you ever thought of getting lip surgery?” While Niel is known for his full, “fish” lips, he responded flatly, “No, I’ve never thought of it,” turning the studio into a sea of laughter due to his nonchalant reaction to the question.

Meanwhile, Niel is in the middle of promoting his first-ever solo track “Lovekiller,” and will be performing on the March 13 broadcast of KBS’ “Music Bank.”