2PM’s Junho: “I Haven’t Dated Properly Since Debuting”

2PM’s Junho recently revealed that he has not been able to properly date since making his debut into the entertainment industry.

During an interview with OSEN on March 13, Junho shared, “I haven’t dated properly since my debut.” He continued to explain, “I’m not a ‘motae-solo’ (never having dated). ‘Motae-solo’ has no charm. Because I am a healthy male of Korea, I have held those kinds of [romantic] feelings before, but it has never actually progressed into anything. That’s a bit of a disappointment.”

The singer-actor also expressed, “Some people are able to date even if they’re busy. But strangely for me, I can’t go out at night because my physical strength weakens. It’s also in part due to the fact that I’ve purposely tied myself up for the past five years for the sake of my work. Even if I have a desire to date, it doesn’t work out well. I think ‘it won’t work’ because I’m the type to fall deeply when I fall for someone.”

Meanwhile, the upcoming movie in which Junho stars, alongside Kim Woo Bin and Kang Ha Neul, is set to open up in theaters on March 25.