Actress Lee Si Young Eliminated from Second Round Selection for National Boxing Team

Actress Lee Si Young unfortunately did not make the cut to be part of Korea’s national boxing team.

On March 14, she lost 2:1 to boxer Jang Yoo Jung, ultimately being eliminated from joining the national team for boxing. Jang Yoo Jung was the winner in the 51kg women’s event last year.

Lee Si Young, who debuted as an actress in 2008, first encountered boxing in 2010 as she was cast in a miniseries about a female boxer. Although the drama was cancelled, she continued to learn boxing, winning the 41st Seoul Amateur Boxing Match in the 48kg women’s category in 2011. She proceeded to grab the winning title in two other amateur events in 2012.

In 2013, she attempted to join the national team but only made runner-up, unable to make the cut. Her latest acting project was the tvN drama “Valid Love.”

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