Kim Yoo Jung Says She Wants to Act in a Romance with Yoo Seung Ho

Child actress Kim Yoo Jung revealed in an interview that she wants to act in a sad romance project with actor Yoo Seung Ho.

During an interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” the 15 year-old actress was asked if she had any actors she wanted to shoot a mellow romance with, when she became an adult. She answered, “Yoo Seung Ho oppa. He just finished his military service. We met in 2008 in the movie ‘Do You See Seoul?‘ but that wasn’t a romance.” The two have previously starred in that movie as siblings.

During the interview, she also clarified the widely-known misunderstanding about her having feelings for iKON‘s Bobby. “I like hip hop, and I mentioned once that I really liked Bobby’s voice. But it blew up and people started to think that he was my ideal type.”

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