Uee Loses in Publicity Rights Case

After School member and actress Uee has lost her case against an acupuncture and herbal clinic in a publicity rights case.

The Seoul central court released on March 15 that she has lost in her case against the clinic’s usage of her photos without permission.

Doctor A of the clinic previously posted four pictures of Uee on the clinic’s blog with a caption that read, “Transform your thighs into Uee’s honey thighs with the clinic’s diet project!”

Uee’s side sued the clinic claiming publicity rights and image rights. During the first trial, the court ruled in favor of Uee as they ordered doctor A to pay her a compensation of 5 million Korean won. However, during the second trial, the court overturned this decision as they stated, “There is not a law that enforces publicity rights in the country at the moment.”

They also dismissed Uee’s claim for image rights, stating, “The images [of Uee] in question were from a beverage commercial, released by the advertiser. It does not seem that people will assume that she has used the clinic from these images alone.”