Man Se Is a True Gentleman as He Takes Care of the Twins on “Superman Returns”

Man Se is a true gentleman as he takes care of Lee Hwi Jae’s twins on the most recent episode of “Superman Returns.”

On the episode of KBS2’s variety show “Superman Returns” aired on March 15, Lee Hwi Jae’s twins and Song Il Gook’s triplets get together to celebrate a birthday party.

After Song Il Gook asks Lee Hwi Jae if he is familiar with bicycles, the dads decide to take their sons out for a ride.

At first, twins Seo Joon and Seo Eon are confused by the linked bicycles since this is their first time riding them. The more experienced triplets decide to help them out by fixing the twins’ helmets and leading the way.

When Seo Joon unknowingly drops his blanket and gets ready to depart, Man Se runs to him with the blanket in his hand.

He says, “Blankie, blankie,” and covers Seo Joon with the blanket while making sure that he is properly covered.

manse blanket 2

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