Who Will Be The Sixth Man of “Infinity Challenge”?

On the episode of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” aired on March 14, the search for the sixth member of the crew started with the “Infinity Challenge Sixth Man” special.

infinity challenge sixth men

On this episode, interviews with the candidates Jang Dong Min, Kim Young Chul, Jun Hyun Moo, Defconn, Kwanghee, and Joo Sang Wook are revealed.

“I’m a natural born angry man,” Jang Dong Min says. “I won’t lose to Park Myung Soo with my temperament.” He continues the interview with a sharp and detailed analysis of the original members.

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Surprisingly, Kim Young Chul announces that doesn’t want to be a member of “Infinity Challenge.”

“I’m sure each episode is like a special to the members,” he says. “I’m happy with the few opportunities I get to participate.”

infinity challenge sixth men 2

The third candidate, Jun Hyun Moo, confidently says, “I will innovate and globalize ‘Infinity Challenge.’” He does, however, acknowledge that he is setting himself up for a difficult position due to fans loyal to the original members. Though he calls the position “a poisoned Holy Grail,” he still wants it because it is a Holy Grail nevertheless.

infinity challenge sixth men 3

During his interview, Defconn says that his advantage over retired basketball player Seo Jang Hoon is his age.

“If taking care of everyone is the role for older people like Kim Jae Dong, my role is to be reckless,” he says. “I’m willing to take the test for the sixth man position.”

infinity challenge sixth men 4

“I’ve never appeared in ‘Infinity Challenge before. Honestly, I was a little upset I was never invited,” Kwanghee, the fifth candidate says during his interview. “I was not expecting to be a candidate for the sixth man at all. When I checked the articles, it was painful for me to read the hater comments.”

Despite the negative opinions, the ZE:A member shows his enthusiasm in joining the show, saying, “I’m no longer jealous of Im Si Wan or Park Hyung Sik.”

infinity challenge sixth men 5

The last candidate, Joo Sang Wook is very enthusiastic during the interview as he says, “I’m quite confident [in becoming the sixth man].” He continues to appeal himself by saying he will adjust his schedule for “Infinity Challenge.” He also comments, “I think I’m a pretty funny guy.”

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