FTISLAND Unveils Comeback Schedule of Releases + New Teaser Image

FTISLAND has finally unveiled their comeback schedule of release dates for their upcoming album as well as a brand new teaser photo.

The band’s agency, FNC Entertainment, recently opened up the link to the official website for FTISLAND, in time for their impending return with their fifth full-length album titled “I Will” through the agency’s official Twitter account.

On the website, it displays the dates of when the pre-release, tracklist, special teaser, and full music video will be released. The very first teaser photo was unveiled on March 16, the pre-release track is expected to be released on March 17, the tracklist on March 18, the special on March 20, and the full music video on March 23.

Meanwhile, FTISLAND is gearing up to make their return to the stage with their fifth album “I Will” on March 23.