Ga In Becomes a Beauty Mentor in a Captivating Black Makeup Pictorial with Grazia

Ga In, who recently released her fourth mini album, took part in a special beauty pictorial with fashion magazine Grazia.

This time, when she stood in front of the camera, she was more than just a famous celebrity known for her dark eyeliner and smoky makeup. She took part as a beauty mentor with creative director Pi Hyun Jung.


Ga In artistically portrays her favorite makeup routines in the pictorial, from black liner and color smokey eyes to daring red lips. All of the beauty items used during the photo shoot are products of a collaboration between Pi Hyun Jung and Ga In.

In the beauty talk interview that goes along with the pictorial, Ga In reveals how she first discovered which eyeliner method complimented her eyes the most. She also reveals which products she uses, how she applies them, and all of her beauty tips as well.

Ga In’s captivating black makeup pictorial and interview is included in the 50th issue of Grazia, which was released on March 5.

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