EXID Promotes a Healthy and Energetic Image in Sports Brand Pictorial

EXID’s sporty pictorial with Mizuno Korea revealed both a sexy yet healthy image of the group.

On March 16, Mizuno Korea announced that they assigned EXID, currently one of the most popular girl groups, as their exclusive model. They also revealed a sporty pictorial through their official Facebook.

In the revealed images, the members of EXID are wearing tight sports wear, looking energetic and feminine at the same time. Even in a simple sports bra or plain grey leggings, their exceptional body figures seem to shine.

The marketing team leader for Mizuno Korea, Park Ki Duk, said, “EXID excellently represents our brand image of being both lively and energetic. Their toned bodies, which reflects consistent workouts, is capable of showing multiple charms.”

Mizuno Sports is a sporting brand that is planning to extend its female clothing line, with EXID as their main model.

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