Ga In Confesses She Had Doubts about Mad Clown’s Songwriting Skills

Ga In has shared what she initially thought of rapper Mad Clown writing the lyrics for one of her songs.

The Brown Eyed Girls member and solo artist was a guest on SBS PowerFM’s “K.Will’s Impressive Radio” on March 16. During the broadcast, she was asked to recommend one non-title track off her album to the listeners, and she chose “Guilty.”

Ga In went on to share a behind-story of the song, “When songwriter Kim Yi Na first asked Mad Clown to join in as a songwriter, he gave the impression of a straight-A student. I thought the melody of the song would require exceptional lyrics, and to be completely honest, I was unsure whether he would come up with good lyrics. However, when I finally took a look at the them, I was surprised at how sexual the lyrics were.”

K.Will, who is under the same agency as Mad Clown, commented, “Being labelmates, I know him well. As a person, he is incredibly gentle, but when you look at his lyrics, they are rough and strong,” explaining that Mad Clown should not be judged by his young and innocent appearance.

Meanwhile, Ga In dropped her fourth mini album “Hawwah” on March 12.