Happy St. Patrick’s Day: 15 K-pop Idols with Green Hair

St. Patrick’s Day is not celebrated here in Korea, so don’t expect to see your favorite celebrities dolled up in green sweaters or four-leaf clover T-shirts. But the world of K-pop is nothing if not colorful, so if you’re wishing to see green, you totally can… because as we all know, it’s all in the hair. Granted, green is not a common choice for K-pop hair, but some brave idols have dared to dye their hair in shades of emerald or chartreuse, while others have sported green as part of the natural fading process from blue to blond. Here we bring you a gallery of green-haired K-pop idols, which we sincerely hope you will enjoy, preferably while drinking green beer or maybe just a shamrock milkshake at McDonald’s.

2NE1’s Dara

Shade: Emerald green

Verdict: As green as you can get.

4minute’s Jiyoon

Shade: Black, sea green, blond

Verdict: A totally unexpected way to go green. We love it with the red lips!


Hello Venus’ Lime

Shade: Blue-green mixed with yellow-green

Verdict: Desperately trying to avoid a bad joke about needing lime-colored hair. Love her short do!


Wassup’s Nari

Shades: Turquoise and blond

Verdict: Not really green, but super pretty, in kind of an Elsa-inspired way.


T-ara’s Qri (Part I)

Shade: More yellow than green, but still green

Verdict: We’re going to see that Qri is the queen of green. Hold on!


T-ara’s Qri (Part II)

Shade: Aquamarine

Verdict: As feminine as green can get. We love it!


T-ara’s Qri (Part III)

Shade: Lawn green

Verdict: So striking.



Shade: Seafoam green

Verdict: Minty!


B.A.P’s Himchan

Shade: Peridot green

Verdict: Hard to tell. As far as we know, Himchan’s foray into green was limited to this one selfie which he posted on Twitter. Seems like he pulls it off pretty well.


Girls’ Generation’s Sunny

Shade: Platinum and pale green

Verdict: Barely there green.


SHINee’s Key

Shade: Acid green

Verdict: Yeah, we suppose that Key seems more like a soft green kind of guy, if that made any sense at all.


G-Dragon (Part I)

Shade: Emerald green

Verdict: Yeah, it’s green. But this is GD we’re talking about, which means…


G-Dragon (Part II)

Shade: Green and red

Verdict: Just green hair is so boring. Why not go with green and red?


Big Bang’s Daesung

Shade: Icy green

Verdict: Cute. (But when is Daesung not cute?)

daesung green

Secret’s Jieun

Shade: Teal

Verdict: Unusual, but pretty.

secret jieun green

Red Velvet’s Joy

Shade: Black, emerald

Verdict: We loved Red Velvet’s two-toned hair! (To be honest, it made it easier to differentiate the girls, since they were rookies at the time.)

red velvet joy green

EXO’s Sehun

Shade: Bright, bright green… maybe even vegetable green.

Verdict: Okay, we change our minds about Dara. This is as green as you can get. Did he pick the background, or was that just a happy coincidence?


2NE1’s Park Bom

Shade: Teal

Verdict: It looked green when we were first picking out photos, but after Sehun, this doesn’t even register. But it is very artistic.


That’s all from us, but let us know if we forgot any green-haired idols, and please vote to let us know who rocked green the best. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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