Ji Chang Wook Talks about Disliking Computers and Fortunetellers with The Celebrity

Ji Chang Wook is April’s cover model for The Celebrity. The magazine had a nature themed photo shoot and corresponding interview with the actor.


In the interview he shared, “My life’s pattern during filming a project and resting is very different. When I’m filming, I put all of my energy into it and focus” and “I am interested in action or a character that gets ruined. I would like to try being a lead in a melodrama as well.” The actor revealed his ambitions of acting in a variety of roles.


The actor is busy shuttling back and forth between Korea and Hong Kong these days. He also reveals that his personality is different from his appearance or image. Concerning fortunetelling he said, “You can live more freely without knowing what will happen in the future.” He also talked about computers and commented, “I have lived without a computer for about five years. I only look at printed scripts. Since I was a child I have always looked at things I need to remember and complete written on paper. [Seeing things on paper] helps me focus better.”


Meanwhile, you can see more of his photo shoot and interview in the upcoming issue of The Celebrity as well as on their official homepage.