“My Love From The Stars” and “Nine” Will Not Be Remade in America

American broadcasting networks ABC and NBC have revealed their 2015-2016 television show line up and “My Love From the Stars” and “Nine” were not included.  “Nine” has been waiting since 2013 for ABC to order their pilot while “My Love From the Stars” has been waiting for a shorter period. Unfortunately, it will not be possible for this television season. “Nine” had high hopes especially because of actress Kim Yunjin’s role in introducing the drama. The revealed line up of ABC and NBC includes 25 shows.

CJ E&M, the company behind “Nine,” have commented, “America’s system of producing dramas is not fast. Currently, there are around 300-500 shows being planned annually. Of those shows only five percent end up getting aired. Securing a pilot for ‘Nine’ failed. We are not sure what will happen. We still only have a script.”

Both dramas received an order for a pilot from ABC. There were plans to send a pilot first episode, but before that was possible they were cancelled. In America, after airing a pilot the season begins. Also, creating a pilot doesn’t ensure that the show will be broadcast. Because of this, most shows devote all of their energy toward the pilot script. They continuously revise the script over a long period of time and avoid missing any opportunities to broadcast. Regrettably, these opportunities are quite difficult to grasp.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you disappointed or relieved that there will not be an American re-make for these shows in the near future?