Park Myung Soo to DJ at Two Concerts in Canada

Park Myung Soo (aka DJ G-Park) is breaking into the overseas market with two electronic dance music concerts in Canada!

He’ll be coming to Vancouver and Toronto in early May as part of a concert tour with DJ Charles. Don’t expect any comedy routines this time around, because Park Myung Soo will be DJing at these events as his alter ego “G-Park.”

This isn’t the first time that Park Myung Soo has DJed at an event, since he showed off his skills at UMF Japan and UMF Korea last year and also hosted his own solo concert in Seoul in December.

“The Great Par(k)ty: Canada Tour” will be taking place at the Harbour Event Centre in Vancouver on May 1, and at Maison Mercer in Toronto on May 3. The concerts are only open to those over the age of 19.

The event has a “Back to the 90’s” theme, so it seems like these shows will be a nostalgic blast from the past.

Sounds like Park Myung Soo has two great parties planned! Will you be attending?

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