Brown Eyed Girls to Start Work on New Album Soon

The members of Brown Eyed Girls have been busy with their own individual activities, but Ga In says they will be getting together soon to work on a new album. It has been a year and nine months since the group released an album, and so fans can’t wait to find out when they will next be heading into the recording studio together.

“The plan is that after I finish my solo album promotions, we’ll be going straight into working on the next Brown Eyed Girls album,” says Ga In. “But I’m not sure when it will be released. We all feel the pressure to make great music and do an even better job than before, so it takes a really long time to complete a single song. Rather than rush to get the album out sooner, we want to focus on the quality.”

According to Ga In, her fellow members in Brown Eyed Girls were a huge help to her while she worked on her solo album “Hawwah.”

“We have a group chat for us members. We talk about everything there, from trivial stuff in our daily lives to notes on things we noticed while watching each other sing or perform on stage. Their support has been a big help for me while I prepared for this album.”

2AM‘s Jokwon, who was Ga In’s virtual husband on “We Got Married,” has also been cheering her on during her recent comeback.

“I’m still friends with Jokwon, and we still contact each other a lot. He really liked this album. I think he was excited about it and enjoyed it because the style of my music is so unique.”

Are you looking forward to a new Brown Eyed Girls album?