AOA’s Seolhyun in First Images from Upcoming Drama “Orange Marmalade”

The first shots of AOA’s Seolhyun in the new KBS drama “Orange Marmalade” have been released!

Seolhyun is dressed in a school uniform in both the photos, but her character isn’t a typical schoolgirl. She’s a vampire who lives in a world where her kind are discriminated against, which leads her character to become more and more reserved.

Rumor has it that Seolhyun often arrived early on set to properly greet the staff. She also impressed onlookers by showing incredible focus during her performance.

According to a source from the show, “Seolhyun has a lot of experience in acting from when she worked on various other dramas and films. She became very immersed in the character while we were filming.”

“Orange Marmalade” is expected to start airing in May.