Ga In Doesn’t Think Her Body Is Sexy despite Her Sensual Concepts

It is surprising to think that Ga In, known for her sultry charms, thinks that her body isn’t the conventional ideal of sexiness.

The April issue for fashion magazine Elle revealed a pictorial and interview with the singer, who has just made a comeback as a solo artist in a year with “Hawwah.”

Though she is often the center of attention for her shocking and sensual performances, the theme for this pictorial was casual and down to earth. Ga In honestly portrayed her natural self in cuts that could be mistaken for images from her SNS.

In the interview, Ga In said she focused on deepening the meaning to her sexual performances.

“No matter what concept I decide on, all of them have their own difficulties. Picking an easier concept doesn’t mean that hardships won’t follow along. Though it is always harder to try something new, I’ve always given 120 percent of my effort for a 100 percent result,” she said.

Ga In also revealed that she had to work out to pull off the skin tight outfits.

“Even though I’ve never properly worked out in my life, I started exercising rigorously for three months to make my thighs and butt seem fuller,” she said, though she commented that she gave up on having a willowy skinny figure.

She added, “I wanted a body that seemed healthy and toned. I worked out so hard, even though I hated doing so.”

Blue hair was also a unique change for her. Though she was unsure of the decision at first, she decided to try out the craziest attempts before she turns thirty.

Ga In also expressed her opinions on sexiness, saying, “I think all women are sexy in their own unique way. My body and face doesn’t really possess sexual traits. I’m not the type of person who tells herself, ‘You have to look sexy. I’m sure you look sexy.’”

Fans can reach Ga In’s interview and pictorial through the April issue of Elle or the magazine’s official website.

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