Five Dolls’ Seunghee Joins As a Member for T-ara’s Sister Group

It has been confirmed that Five DollsSeunghee will be a part of T-ara‘s sister group, which is a project girl group led by MBK Entertainment.

Heehyun, Eunjin, Chaeyoen, Seulgi, and Dani have already been selected as members for the girl group project. Seunghee will be joining in as the sixth member.

Seunghee has already received love from fans through her extensive career as both a vocalist and an actor. Not only was she the vocalist for Five Dolls, but she also acted in Davichi and The Seeya’s music videos as well. She also won first place in the 2012 Lady Chunhyang Pageant before she debuted.

She most recently participated in the project group TS, also including T-ara, The Seeya, and SPEED, where she showed off her exceptional vocal skills.

MBK Entertainment will be updating fans on more information about the girl group project, such as the team name and debut date in the near future.